If CNN’s New Russia Report Is True, We May Be Seeing the Beginning of the End of Donald Trump’s Presidency

Donald Trump is in the middle of a non-stop waking nightmare. Every single day finds the nation’s most powerful conspiracy theorist at the center of what might be the biggest conspiracy in our nation’s history.

And unlike the theories Trump likes to push (Obama having Trump’s “wires tapped,” Obama not being born in America, etc.), more and more this one seems like the real deal.

Yesterday reports came out that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort had worked for a Russian oligarch with the intention of furthering Vladimir Putin’s interests in the United States. That alone would usually make for the latest in a long line of bad weeks for the administration. Not unlike the week where Michael Flynn was fired because of his failure to disclose his Russian connections or the week where attorney general Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself from any Russia investigation due to his lying under oath about his own contact with Russian officials during the campaign. Yes, if that was the last bad news for the administration on the Russia front, it would already have been a shitty week…

It was not the last bad news for the administration on the Russia front.

Last night CNN reported that it looks like the FBI’s investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to swing the election may be looking bad for Donald Trump.

The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, US officials told CNN.

This is partly what FBI Director James Comey was referring to when he made a bombshell announcement Monday before Congress that the FBI is investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, according to one source.

Now at this moment, the investigation is still ongoing and that evidence is not yet conclusive, so we don’t know exactly what happened. But we do know that the deeper everyone (the press and the intelligence community alike) dig into this story, the more and more shady shit they find. And not just that, each revelation has been more damning than the last. If this pattern continues we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Look, I can hear some of you calling me a cuck and a snowflake and saying that this is all circumstantial evidence, and sure, that’s fair. But there are two important things to remember about that. The first is that “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” may be a tired metaphor, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not true. The second is that The White House’s posture in all of this has not been to vindicate itself. Rather, Donald Trump and Sean Spicer have repeatedly lied openly and tried to distract the press with garbage theories and doublespeak. And the closer this investigation gets, the more desperate they’ve become.

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  1. this has been known about Manafort for a long time. advancing Putin’s interest in the U.S. was done by far more with the purchase of 20% of the U.S. Nuclear minerals. right Hillary ?

    1. dude the Canadians bought the Uranium rights not Russia … please educate yourself before you embarass yourself

      1. you need to keep researching further, after the canadian company sold control to a russian company, it is now under the control of putin. Read the book, “Follow the Clinton Cash”.

      2. Have you not seen the report documenting the delivery of the uranium to Russia by Mueller? It has the flight info. The Clinton Fund got $1.5 million of the cost for itself. I never understood why Hillary should get any portion of the price. Was that supposed to be a sales commission?

      3. You are the one embarrassing yourself. The 2010 deal allowed Rosatom, the Russian nuclear energy agency to acquire a controlling stake in Uranium One, a Canadian-based company with mining stakes in the Western United States. That means the Russians have 51% of the company.

    2. Hillary was no longer on the Board, and had nothing to do with the deal. Educate yourself and stop parroting the morons

    3. Sorry Jim, but it was then and is now illegal to ship uranium to Russia. They bought stock in a company for access to uranium in Kasistain which could not be shipped to the US. Do keep up.

    4. this conversation is about how Dogshitnald trump is involved with the Russians, and how they colluded to influence the United States Presidential election. how about staying on topic instead of instantly trying to distract and redirect to Hillary… Hillary Clinton had yogurt with granola yesterday for breakfast… therefore we should LOCK HER UP…!!!

      1. While I haven’t heard much about what Hillary has for breakfast, I will repeat that, after Vince Foster was “suicided” his office was ransacked and then, after the Clintons left the White House, boxes of Vince Fosters papers were found there. I do think that, if Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton were given a fair trial, there would be a guilty finding on many counts.


      1. Every time there’s damaging evidence against the VILLAGE IDIOT, all the right has is HILLARY. SHE NOT IN GOVERNMENT, she’s said she will NEVER be in Government again.
        Get a new argument, because you people look ridiculous!
        Regardless of what you think, or know about Hillary, it doesn’t change the facts about the village idiot!
        This is America, and everyone has the right to say whatever they want, but the Hillary thing is making the right look pathetic. And that’s coming from someone who was a REPUBLICAN FOR 30 YEARS!!
        Will NEVER be on again until the right gets its shit together, and throw out the idiots in the party!
        But by all means… keep listening too idiots from Breitbart and Alex Jones. Just shows how uneducated you are about the facts!

      2. Dude, even the head of the DNC has stated in public and in her book as well as Elizabeth warren that Hillary stole the primary from sanders. It has also been established FACT that many of the so called new stories from CNN are only that STORIES. Educate yourself.

        1. You’re an idiot. Never said the left was all roses. Nor am I a DEMOCRAT.
          I was a republican for 30 years. But by all means, keep making a fool of yourself.
          Investigate her. I have ZERO problem with that. It’s what needs to be done to the village idiot! When it comes back nothing illegal. It’s done.
          You educate yourself!

      3. Well, really Alexis, depending on what they do to support trumpanzee may get them somewhere. I am sincerely hoping it does anyway, all of his staffers, all the one’s that were just blindly and stupidly following orders from his regime are not allowed to accept his money for their legal defense. I am thinking that most will not have the big bucks for a defense, or be bought out of testimony so they will be going to jail. I am pretty sure that is where his supporters will get to go.

      1. Don’t forget the investigation in NYC about money laundering. You KNOW the village idiot is guilty as sin! It’s why he don’t release his tax returns!
        And I don’t mean the two pages leaked to Rachel Maddow! I mean his ACTUAL TAXES!
        He’s lying his ass off about how much he’s worth as well. Forbes just came out and said he lost 600 million in the last year or two. But he’s a great business man according to the right, even tho he’s filed bankruptcy 4-5 times, and no banks in this country will lend him SQUAT! That’s where Russia comes in , which the village idiot has lied about, saying he has no business ties there, while trying to get a hotel in Moscow.
        The village idiot is going DOWN, along with republicans in the house and senate.
        Thank GOD there’s more educated SANE people in this country, then there are in the alt right, KKK. You know, the village idiots base!

    1. They were investigated for 20 years and nothing found . Trump tho .. they are finding things everywhere . Your man is going to prison and i’m going to laugh at idiots like you .

      1. No dumbass Russia definitely got them it isn’t no secret!! Right after Russia donated millions to the Clinton Foundation which is no secret eaither Bill said it was a birthday present from Putin not because of the URANIUM deal… But yea still searching for something to pin on Trump…lol. What a joke !!! INFOWARS HAS MORE RIGHT IN THEIR ARTICLES THEN CNN BY A LONGSHOT CNN= FAKE NEWS

      1. You very obviously don’t educate yourself much. What she did was add cash to the Broke DNC, by campaigning for EVERYONE, which she wanted control over.
        Was there some tacky shit going on? God yes. Made me no longer a fan. But there was ZERO illegal activity with what she did! Go ahead. Investigate. And when all the BULLSHIT the rights been saying turns out too be complete BULLSHIT, like the last FIVE TIMES have, you’ll have your answer.
        Trump will not finish out his term. He didn’t drain the swamp, he stocked it with big game!!
        And before you get your panties in a knot, I was a republican for 30 years. So save it! I know how it works. Worst thing that ever happened to the Republican Party is the Tea Party. It’s why I left.
        Stop listening too bullshit artists like Hannity and Breitbart, and think for yourself!!

  2. You people are out of your minds. This is just another way for the Libtards trying to make a good man look bad. There is no way the Russians had anything to do with collusion of the election when it is the Electoral college that votes the POTUS into office.

    1. You cult people are hopeless…..GOOD MAN???? Pluuuuuueeeeeeeeese I suppose Charles Manson is good too using oyur standard…god help us, ppl like this running arouond thinking corruption is a GOOD MAN Trait….

    2. trump was never a good man, so he be made to look like what he is – a bad man. the sad part is that you accepted this myth wholly on his word, that of unrepentant sinner in every aspect of his life, and he still is.

    3. Lady, you are as dumb as a bucket of rocks!
      Then how did Russia know what EXACT SWING STATE COUNTIES TO GO AFTER?!
      It’s uneducated people like you that’s the problem with this country!!

  3. Trump has proved just in his commets alone that he is not mentally capable of being the President of the United St ates
    You must be well paid or super simple to realize he doesn’t have the goods it takes to be the president of a simple Boy Scout troop

  4. Both CNN and the FBI have lost all credibility, and the libscheviks above trying to impugn him are part of the collective impotence of the Soros-Clinton Puppet show. IT does’t matter what Manafort did or didn’t do; he was dismissed early on. The more Awan sings the closer the Washwoman comes to taking her own bath, and that ugly poodle will drag down the rest of Fourth Reich which Soros (who must have been queer for Goebbels) is trying to establish.

    1. And just FYI…trump supporters have lost more credibility then everything combined!
      It’s uneducated idiots like you that’s the problem in this country!
      Ask yourself in a mirror, how youd feel Obama did what he has. Any other answer then it would piss you off, it’s a lie, and your lying too yourself !!

    2. The dumbasses on the right, like you, have been going after Hillary for YEARS!! So save your false narrative bullshit. If your pathetic excuse of a party found ANYTHING, you think it would be public knowledge, so idiots like you can say SEE?!
      It took special council, during watergate, three years!
      I know you will probably LIE to yourself, your problem, not ours!, what would you think if this was Obama, or Palosi? You would be coming UN HINGED!!
      Come back when you have something REAL to say!!

  5. This is CNN so anything they say is suspect in fact likely is a lie and the other question is how much more “shady shit” can they manufacture? Probably a lot knowing CNN!

    1. Bitch please. You want lies? Go watch fox.
      I DATE EVERYONE TO HO TOO YOUTUBE SND SEARCH FOX LIES, then do the same with cnn, nbc, abc, and cbs. You’ll see who the liars are.
      Hell an educated person would only have too look at Hannity, or Alex Jones to show how much of liar people like you are!!
      And don’t forget Breitbart. LOL idiot

  6. Comical at best especially after more than a year of digging and zero evidence has been brought forward ! Many dont kjow exactly how dirty Mueller is. Mueller was heavily involved in the cartel money laundering and Irainian money laundering at HSBC bank where low and behold, who else was involved ?? None other than James Comey who was brought into be a board member to clean that shit up so Mueller wouldn’t fry ! ,They did pay a 1.2 billion dollar fine, but not the bank, no they hung that fine on the share holders. And not one person that worked for the bank was fired or prosecuted ! And would you believe Mueller was also involved in selling the huge lie of Sadam Hussain’s weapons of mass destruction that were ghostly at best. All this invading of little brown people’s country just so Bush and Cheney could rape, pillage and plunder Iraq’s resources and afterwards they made billions rebuilding Iraq, we, sort of. Not much actually got finished or actually really worked. I personally watched the Iraqi people dismember an 835 million dollar power station that never worked, right down to the last brick. The only thing left of that 835 million dollar structure was a fucking memory ! It was like watching ants work !!
    Mueller and Comey have been covering for and keeping the Clintons out of prison for 30 years. What Mueller is doing is trying to pressure Manafort into turning against Trump but Unfortunatly Trump want involved with Mansfort when he was working with the Ukrainians and what Mandatory was doing wasnt illegal. FUCKING Mueller raided Manaforts house and then the court made Mueller return everything they took cause none of it was on the warrant ! Mueller is desperate to find something, but he failed !! He’s got more conflict of interest than Carter has liver pills !
    There going to pull the investigation post haste !!

    Dream on Clinton News Network !!

      QUICK… try too discredit Mueller, so when he shows idiots like you the evidence that the village idiot is a f-ing discgrace, and a crook, so you can say Fake News. The only thing fake is people like you, who wouldn’t know the truth if JESUS HIMSELF came down and slapped you upside the head with it
      The idiots on the right have lost ALL CREDIBILITY in this Country, and you’ll see it come midterms!

    2. where is your proof of all this? Mr. Robert Mueller III has more integrity in his pinkie than tRump has in his whole body. He’s going to bring tRump down!! Just watch and see!!

      1. A year? SERIOUSLY?!
        What a fucking cop out!
        You been going after Hillary for YEARS!! So save your false narrative bullshit.
        It took special council, during watergate, three years!
        I know you will probably LIE to yourself, your problem, not ours!, what would you think if this was Obama, or Palosi? You would be coming UN HINGED!!
        Come back when you have something REAL to say!!

    3. Dumbasses on the right, like you have been going after Hillary for YEARS!! So save your false narrative bullshit.
      It took special council, during watergate, three years!
      I know you will probably LIE to yourself, your problem, not ours!, what would you think if this was Obama, or Palosi? You would be coming UN HINGED!!
      Come back when you have something REAL to say!!

  7. Take this bimbo president and his family down and out of the WH. He has shamed, embarrassed and lost respect from other countries. He is a disgrace and a failure. He has mental problems that’s for sure but these stupid republicans don’t care as long as they have control of the house. This is outrageous! They all need to be taken out.

  8. Promises,Promises ,Promises. Everyday I hear that Trump is doomed but NOTHING ever happens except that Trump is pissed off at someone new.

    1. Ralph Mouth, you’re so stupid that your dumbass should have to take an aptitude test before voting!!!
      But way too sound like a racist piece of shit. Go back to Breitbart. They’ll believe you, they’re all brain dead like you.

  9. Why should we believe ANYTHING the FBI has to say about President Trump when they’re neck deep in the attacks in Las Vegas. They were in on that so in my book that ruined ANY credibility they (FBI) had if they’ll cover for a known gunrunning terrorist who’s job was to kill the ruler of Saudia Arabia so that a supporter of jihad could be installed in his place

    1. You’re a special kind of stupid.
      Good too see who ACTUALLY APPROVES of the dumb fuck in the WH! The America people don’t believe SHIT the comes out of people moths, like you. Or session for that matter.

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