Barack Obama Just Hit Trump With A Knockout Punch For The Ages

Former President Obama and President Trump both revealed their personalities, beliefs and visions of America on Tuesday, the pair contrasting each other like water and oil.

 Surprising more than 1,000 computer science students and educators, Obama connected to a conference call organized by the Computer Science for All Consortium to give further encouragement to the inspiring tech students. Later, he Tweeted his support for the Computer Science for All initiative he enacted in January 2016:

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  1. Heck, I can say that…”Our current generation of young people are going to create and produce new ideas to the world through their advanced knowledge.” See. Or I could say ” If our schools were really effective, the teachers would teach, not whine they aren’t paid enough. George Washington Carver sat on a log and taught.” See, words are all right there to be used.

    1. Really! I guess according to you teachers don’t deserve to make enough to support themselves and their families. What is good for teachers is good for children. We need to attract the best and the brightest to teaching, and many more men. Teachers unions ensure smaller class size, specialists in schools, effective learning materials, clean, safe schools, and I could go on and on. Comment on something you actually know something about.

  2. President Obama is far more intelligent the Trump could ever hope to be and if you can’t read a correct thing with out threating someone or being a bully you can’t be expected to try and learn something like Obama does. President like to keep up with the new things in the world and invest in our country. He is and was a great example for everyone to admire.

    1. One Complete coherent sentence, minus the misspelled words…Is that too much to ask? Run-on sentence, much?

      Also, NOTHING in the “article” says anything about Trump saying anything opposite Obama’s tweet. However the first line of the “article” states, “contrasting each other like water and oil.” Over 1000 students and educators were surprised? Last I looked, 1000 people is not much.

      I understand you want to bash the current President, Please be succinct when doing so?

    2. The only thing Obozo was an example of was how to financially bankrupt our country, lie about events such as Benghazi and Hillary’s email scandal, and use illegally obtained warrants to spy on the opposing party. He more than doubled our national debt in 8 years, pushed unemployment to an all time high and increased welfare recipients by 40% in 8 years! The only thing he should be admired for is posing as an American born in Hawaii to get elected! His brother has since published his Kenyan birth certificate! If you think this person should be admired to are truly delusional!!

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