Trump Has Trouble Breathing Followed By Bizarre Water Bottle Incident During Speech

There have been questions swirling about Donald Trump’s physical and mental health for quite some time, and a bizarre incident today only added to the speculation that something could be seriously wrong with the president. During a speech from the White House, where Trump was talking about his trip to Asia, it appeared that he experienced trouble breathing, followed by frustration that he could not find a water bottle.

An unseen staffer off camera alerted Trump that there actually was a water bottle within his reach, all of this taking place in the middle of the televised speech, and the President awkwardly grabs for it, unscrews the cap while looking stone-faced at the camera, and grasps the water bottle with both hands, similar to how a baby bottle is held, while taking a drink.

The incident brought back memories of Marco Rubio’s awkward water drinking during a nationally televised speech, and although during Rubio’s water bottle snafu Rubio held his own water bottle with one hand, in the normal adult fashion, Donald Trump at the time made fun of Rubio on Twitter, saying, “Next time Marco Rubio should drink his water from a glass as opposed to a bottle – would have much less negative impact.”

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Rubio today, in a call back to when the president mocked him, had the last laugh by tweeting, “Similar, but needs work on his form. Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera. But not bad for his 1st time.”

The president is of course under extreme stress, as there is ever-mounting evidence of his involvement with Russia, and he just returned from a 12 day trip to Asia where he was met massive protests and was criticized at home for such things as ducking a visit to the North Korean border, and meeting with the dictator of the Philippines, and it seems that stress is beginning to show is his ever more bizarre and questionable behavior.

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